Meet Our Leadership Team


Craig Halsey, President & Chief Operating Officer

Craig Halsey

President & Chief Operating Officer

Kjersti Armstrong, VP & General Counsel

Kjersti Armstrong

VP & General Counsel

Greg Burbach, VP of HSE & Well Servicing

Greg Burbach

VP of HSE & Well Servicing

Brent Pringle, Chief Information Officer

Brent Pringle

Chief Information Officer

Brandon Halsey, Director of Business Development

Brandon Halsey

Director of Business Development

Marya Skaare, Director of Communication & Recruiting

Marya Skaare

Director of Communication & Recruiting


Cory Ghering, VP of Operations, WM & L

Cory Ghering

VP of Operations, WM & L

Brian Miller, VP of Wireline

Brian Miller

VP of Wireline

Jeff Kostelecky, VP of Waste Management

Jeff Kostelecky

VP of Waste Management