October 22, 2019

Milestones and Memories: Berger Celebrates 30 years at MBI

Long-time MBI employee, Sue Berger, reflects on 30 years at MBI

Imagine spending more than half of your life working for the same company.  Imagine three decades of growth and change in everything from technology to facility space.  As we spend the balance of 2019 reflecting on 40 years of MBI, a select few have been along for the ride and can say that they ‘knew us when.’  Invoicing Supervisor, Sue Berger, is one of those people.  Fiesty, friendly, fearless, full of heart and a fixture at MBI, Sue began what she calls her ‘adventure’ at Missouri Basin Well Service on October 11, 1989—just two weeks shy of her wedding day.  “Can you believe that,” jokes Berger, “I’ve been at MBI longer than I’ve been married!” Originally from Mandan, ND,  Berger left her job at the Office of Management and Budget for the State of North Dakota to follow her soon-to-be husband, Steve, west to Dickinson, where he had taken a job with Fisher Industries. “When I started at Missouri Basin, I had no clue what was to come.  There were 38 employees at the time—and that probably included the dogs and cats! I did everything from Payroll, Accounting, Accounts Payable and Receivables, HR, and even some dispatching when the boys went hunting or golfing.   Scary, huh? Me on a radio!?”  New to the industry and unfamiliar with trucking, Sue explained that one of her most memorable moments happened when she was helping out in Dispatch. “I sent someone to a location and they asked if they needed their pup; and my response was ‘why do you need your dog?’  I still haven’t heard the end of that one!” 

To say a lot has changed in the past 30 years would be an understatement.  “Between work and home, MBI and I grew up right alongside one another.  Steve and I had four boys over the years and a two– or three-day maternity leave was normal because payroll still needed to get done!  Snow days weren’t really a thing either—if the roads were closed, I was told to take Highway 10 or they’d send someone to take me to work!  When I started, I had two computers to handle the work and now I have one computer with four screens.  Early on, I shared an office with Jim and Dave and now I have an office of my own.  I’ll never forget when there was a fire and we lost the shop and office and we worked out of the Wyoming Casing office until we rebuilt. So many changes have taken place, but without change where would we be?  Time has taught me that no matter where you work, there will always be the good, the bad and the ugly.  I have met so many wonderful people throughout the years and made a lot of friends—my advice to others is to keep in mind the great people and the good we have here, learn from challenges and know that how you handle the highs and lows will make a difference in your success.”  Thank you for growing with us, Sue, and congratulations on reaching such an impressive milestone at MBI!


Marya Skaare

Director of Communication

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