June 11, 2018

MBI Partners with Safety Patrol

MBI and Belfield Elementary School team up to educate young students on the importance of safety

Late last year, Vicki Carney, Resource Room teacher at Belfield Elementary School, reached out to MBI about a program she and Principal Lorge were introducing at the school -- the Belfield Elementary AAA Safety Patrol. Known in the community for our commitment to safety and education, Vicki thought that MBI would be a natural partner for this effort.  The program is designed to elevate older elementary students as safety leaders in the school.  “With the support and leadership, our patrollers shoulder responsibilities that strengthen character and provide an opportunity to help fellow students develop a better understanding of pedestrian and traffic hazards, as well as playground safety.”

The patrol consists of 5th and 6th graders in the elementary school. Students must have passing grades and no behavior or principal referrals. Students are trained by Mrs. Carney and the elementary paraprofessionals, Mrs. Jablowski, Ms. Norton, and Mrs. Redig. Carney explains, “we supply consistent support for our patrols. The safety patrol program is a wonderful peer mentoring program that has helped our students to become positive role models for their younger peers. The support these students give their younger peers is truly amazing. They learn valuable leadership skills, teamwork, pride, and the chance to make a difference in another student’s life.”  The Safety Patrol proudly wears MBI hats that help their peers to identify patrol members at school.

Since the start of the AAA Safety Patrol Organization in 1920, AAA has selected one patroller from each state for their remarkable effort with the patrol. The National Patroller of the Year Award recognizes Patrollers who best exemplify leadership qualities and perform their duties effectively and responsibly, without incident. Nominees must submit an essay expressing their feelings regarding their Patrol experience and how the experience has changed them. 

This spring, Claudia Enciso from Belfield Elementary was selected as North Dakota School Safety Patroller of the Year—an impressive feat in the first year of the program at the school.  Mrs. Carney was excited to share the news with MBI and invited us to be a part of the awards ceremony at the school and speak about the importance of safety awareness.  Marya Skaare, MBI Director of Communication, told students “at the heart of safety is caring.  When you serve as a Safety Patrol member, you are demonstrating how much you care about your schoolmates and your school community.  At MBI, we have a team of safety professionals in place because we care about the safety of our employees—they are our top priority.  You are making safety a top priority at your school.  That’s why we are so proud to be a part of your Safety Patrol program.”

Mrs. Carney shared, “The Safety Patrol will continue to grow, as the interest for next year is already growing.  We are so grateful for our friends at MBI.  Your continued support has helped us get the program off the ground.”

Marya Skaare

Director of Communication

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