April 06, 2019

Chris Krause Selected for '30 Under 30'


Last year, the Dickinson Press launched the first '30 Under 30' publication.  "I think it's important to recognize those people who are tomorrow's me," Bob Carruth, advertising director for The Press, said. "They're the people that are going to change the world and make things happen."

Carruth said he believes that when younger people take a leadership role, it is refreshing for those around them, especially for people who may be a bit older, because it allows them to pass the torch onto the next person and the next generation.

"We trust you, we're there if you need us, but just go and take the reins," he said. "It's nice and refreshing when young people are able to do that."

Additionally, Carruth said it's important to support and encourage young people as they step into leadership roles.

"But there's also accountability that comes with it," he said. "There's a verse that says 'With much given, much is expected.' It's not for the weak."

2019 honoree, Christopher Krause has been with MBI Energy just a little over two years, yet he’s already making huge strides, rising the ranks to become the Service Supervisor at MBI’s Williston location.  “It’s actually been quite a ride, I started out as a shophand and then I got promoted to foreman, dispatch, and then just recently I was promoted up to service supervisor. So now I have people under me,” Krause said. “It’s been pretty awesome …I’m glad I stuck with MBI and I plan on staying with them for many years.”


When Krause isn’t hard at work at his work, he’s hard at work in the gym -- Krause lists powerlifting as one his main hobbies.

“I enjoy weightlifting, going to the gym after work, doing lifting heavy, the more power lifting areas.”

He also makes time for family.

“I like hanging out with my family, going to dinner with them.

The Future and the Past:

“In five years, I’d kind of like to be a service manager, that’d be the step up from where I’m at,” Krause said of what he hopes the future will bring. “Then service manager and then … probably owning my own house and everything. But I’ll be with MBI five years from now, if I have my way.”

Achieving his current title is his proudest accomplishment, Krause said, the culmination of a long journey.

“I’ve mostly did kitchen work for the last …oh, I think I want to say, from when I was 14 at McDonalds back in ‘04 all the way to just recently, three years ago, I finally got out of it and got a career in the oilfield,” Krause recalled. “(I) started off rocky because I didn’t know very much about the oil and gas industry and…going from that, I just focused on learning--keeping my head down and doing what was asked and what was expected of me.”

Earning a title like service manager, Krause said, usually takes anywhere from seven to ten years.

According to MBI Operations Manager, Garrett Robb, "Chris Krause is a hardworking and dedicated individual who takes pride in what he does; and does whatever he can to grow professionally, and contribute to our growth at MBI. On behalf of all of us at MBI, our sincere congratulations go out to Chris and his family for this achievement.  It is certainly well-deserved."




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