Winch & Flatbed


MBI utilizes a fleet of over 60 trucks in our Winch and Flatbed division, which provide accessible winch services to primary drill locations, frac sites, and work over rig sites, as well as various other working oilfield locations.


MBI’s flatbed department utilizes modern equipment for all flatbed transportation needs to and from North Dakota, which includes:


  • ¾ ton trucks to eight axle heavy haulers for local and long hauls
  • For freight of any kind, including: oversize loads, trailers for pipe move with pipe racks for safe transport, and front end loaders for safe handling of pipe loads.
  • Side dump trucks for scoria, road gravel, top soil, and oilfield waste. MBI leases their own scoria pits and utilizes MBI owned front loaders for better pricing.
  • Spill cleanup performed in a timely manner, to owner specifications, waste is disposed of.
  • Abandon well reclaims, road maintenance, repair, and rebuild.


Operations:  (701) 719-8223

Sales & Marketing: (701) 483-0086 Ext. 2004