Hot Oil


MBI Energy Services' Hot Oil division consists of the newest hot oil trucks in the Williston Basin with 74% of our fleet being build in the last 4 years.  There are trucks and operators available for all types of hot oil applications.



  • Schedule & service work
  • Rig & wireline work
  • Facility service
  • Pressure testing
  • High pressure and high temp well kills
  • Acid pumping


  • 5k, 508 million BTU output units with the ability to pump 1bbl/min at 500psi.
  • 10k, 8 million BTU output trucks with the ability to pump 4bbls/min at 5000psi or 2 bbls/min at 8000psi
  • 10k pump trucks with a 600 HP OFM triplex and 1" 1502 hardline
  • Split tanks for 25-40bbls, 60-70 bbls and pup trailers capable of hauling 90-110bbls.

Key Benefits

  • We have trucks located in Killdeer, Watford City, Ross and Williston, ND to serve all of the Williston Basin.
  • Extensive HSE, training, and short service employee programs.
  • Local management team with years of experience.
  • Digital recording capabilities.


Operations: (701) 559-1297

Sales and Marketing: (701) 483-0086 Ext. 2004