Mechanical Set AS1-X Packer

The AS1-X is a mechanically set retrievable packer that can be used in any production application. It is a single string, double-grip packer that can be set in compression or tension and holds pressure from above or below. The J-Slot design allows for easy ¼ turn right-hand set or ¼ turn right-hand release. Once set, the tubing string can be left in tension, compression, or in a neutral position. The AS1-X packer is very versatile and has an internal by-pass that reduces swabbing effects when run in or retrieved and closes when the packer is set. Upon release the bypass opens first and allows the pressure to be equalized. The standard design is made for pressures up to 7,000 PSI, a HT version is also available that is designed for differential pressures up to 10,000 PSI.



  • Tubing string can be held in tension, compression, or neutral
  • ¼ right-hand rotation for set and release
  • High temp elements available
  • Internal by-pass reduces swabbing effects
  • By-pass valve below upper slips allows for debris to be washed from the slips when opened and reduces circulation and retrieval time
  • Holds pressure from above or below
  • Available in nickel coating upon special request