Fishing & Rentals

Fishing & Rentals  

MBI's Fishing & Rentals division provides decades of Williston Basin experience geared towards the workover and production end of a well’s life cycle.


The Division offers:

  • Pressure control equipment used in well service operations. Self-contained units that can be moved with the workover rig.
  • BOPs: Triple, double, single, and annulars
  • State-of-the-art pressure testing facility and quality control process.
  • Pipe wranglers, power swivels, pipe racks, safety valves & subs.
  • Field service professionals available 24/7.
  • Seasoned fishing personnel


Plugs, Packers and Bridge Plug Data Sheet:

As Retrievable Bridge Plug

Cast Iron Bridge Plug

Cement Retainer

Mechanical Set AS1-X Packer

VS1-X Packer

Wireline Retrievable Bridge Plug

WLTC Retrievable Bridge Plug


Operations: (701) 774-1227

Sales & Marketing: (701) 483-0086 Ext. 2004