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Workover rig
MBI Energy Services

MBI Energy Services began operation with one truck in 1979 and was formally known as Missouri Basin Well Service. MBI continues to diversify and expand its services by acquiring two very prominent players in the oil well service industry. Ward Williston is a major player in acquisition, development, exploration and the production of oil. Over 60 years in the Williston Basin make Ward Williston one of the oldest most respected businesses in the North Dakota oil fields. High Plains Inc., another much respected family owned oil well service company, adds specialized wire line services to the expanding repertoire of MBI services. Together more than 120 years of collective oil well service makes MBI one of the most respected and experienced oil well service companies in the oilfield.

MBI has also developed its trucking fleet to well over 500 trucks in addition to the more than 1,100 contract drivers transporting oil, sand, water and other oilfield products. MBI readily owns and maintains the lion's share of salt water disposals and fresh water wells needed in the oil well drilling and the production process. Currently MBI offers most of these services in North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Texas, Pennsylvania and Montana.

MBI truly remains "the industry leader in oil field services".

Pneumatic sand trailer
Trucking Services

Crude oil hauling
Fresh water hauling
Produced water hauling
Drill mud hauling
Flat bed transport
Winch trucks
Hot oil trucks
Frack sand hauling

Other Oilfield Support Services

Workover rigs
Swab units
Wireline Services
Rail Transload Facilities (Sand)
Rail Transload Facilities (Oil)
Disposal wells
Frac tank rental
400 bbl uprights
Light plants
Solids control assets


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