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Housing in the North Dakota Oil Field

Housing has been an issue in western ND since the introduction of this latest oil boom. Many people have traveled a long ways to work in the oil field only to find they have nowhere to live. There are no guarantees in available housing in the oil field. MBI available housing is no different, changing day to day.
MBI tries to make sure your housing needs are met prior to hiring at all MBI locations but a certain amount of planning is still required on your part. Upon your hiring and a set orientation date it is strongly advised that you contact our MBI housing office. Our housing coordinator will work with you on your housing concerns and also be able to provide you any housing contact information needed for our MBI locations. MBI is taking a active stance in this housing crisis and is regularly adding new housing for its employees. In some situations new hires may need to find their own housing till MBI housing becomes available.

MBI Housing
MBI housing

MBI housing is set up for its employees and not as family dwellings. Depending on each MBI location housing options may include houses, apartments, trailer houses, skid shacks and man camps. Available camper spots may be available in camper parks to those folks that want to bring and stay in their own camping trailer. A monthly charge is applied for housing and may vary in accordance to the location in which you are employed. Rent for employee housing is split up on your bi-weekly direct deposit paychecks. Available housing is just another one of the many benefits offered to our employees. What you need to bring on your move to MBI housing is largely dependent on the type of housing in which you will inhabit. Contact our housing coordinators and they will be able to fill you in on some of the personal items you may need to bring prior to moving into your perspective housing.

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